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Well Drilling


Artesian water well drilling in southern and central New Hampshire has been our specialty since 1936. In fact, our company has Water Well License #1 from the State of New Hampshire. We invest in the drilling rigs, equipment, and people who can get the job done correctly. You can trust us not to overdrill or underdrill your well, respect your property, and communicate with you during the construction process.


Why choose us? Because we go the extra gallon!


What makes us different is our preference for drilling artesian water wells that are larger than the standard wells offered by our competitors. Why? Because a bigger well provides more water for your immediate use. This means more water for the laundry, irrigation and showering in the morning, for example.

  1. Our larger-sized well gives you more water at no extra cost.

  2. Our professional, skilled staff keeps you informed every step of the way.

  3. You'll never go without water. Call us 7 days a week when your pump needs service.

  4. We take every measure during construction to prevent contamination from entering your water supply.

  5. Generations of Patenaudes have run our business with pride.

Sister Company in New Hampshire
Well Drilling
Pump Services


Matching the right pump to your well


When drilling is complete, we promptly install a submersible pump system that meets the demands of your home for water. The pump is connected to a water tank assembly that regulates the flow of water into your home or business.


Our pumps maintain proper pressure to keep the flow steady and predictable. When the need for pump service arises, we are at your service 7 days a week. Our service staff will be at your home quickly. We will gladly install the pump you need.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Well Pump?


  • Contoocook Well has been installing pumps in for more than 55 years. Our reputation for doing a good job is well established in Southern New Hampshire. Our family name is on every pump installation.

  • Our service techs are available 7 days a week. Someone is always on call to come to your home, every day of the week.

  • The pumps and components you need are in stock at our shop in Henniker. We keep a huge inventory so our customers don’t have to wait. If you need it, we have it.

  • You’ll find a real person on the line when you need service. No leaving messages or waiting in frustration.

Pump Services
Water Testing
Water Testing & Filtration


We offer water testing and a variety of water filtration systems to remove undesirable, unhealthy, and unsafe minerals and contaminants from your water.


Arsenic, radon, extremely high acidity and iron are common problems in New Hampshire drinking water. The only way to be safe is to be sure. Have your water tested yearly. We test the water at your home or with a State of New Hampshire certified lab to identify the contaminants and mineral problems of your particular water source.


The lab results from your water test will guide us to one of several filtration systems, if needed. All of our systems are custom made for each home, ensuring the perfect fix.


Common Water Problems

Bad taste or odor? Stains in sinks and toilets, fixtures and clothes? Wondering about arsenic? Radon? Low water pressure?


A glass of water looks so clear and pure. But often, it's hiding certain contaminants and minerals that affect its taste, odor, health value, or can be corrosive to your home's plumbing and heating systems.

Hydrofracking Services


99% of the time, wells begin producing more water after hydrofracking.


Our hydrofracking services result in wells that begin producing more water 99% of the time. This method is sometimes used to increase the water from a newly drilled well. Hydrofracking is also potentially an alternative to well deepening, when an existing well is diminishing in volume.

Would hydrofracking help my existing well that doesn’t produce a lot of water?

Yes. Hydrofracking is used to cultivate water from new wells and old wells that may be affected by minerals and incrusted rock fractures.


How will this process benefit me?

The process almost always increases the volume of water from a well and is less expensive than drilling a new well or deepening and existing well. Hydrofracking is an excellent option for wells that have historically produced more water but are losing capacity.

Learn more about Well Development by Hydrofracture from the NH Department of Environmental Services.

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